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Cosmetic Smile Designing

Cosmetic Smile Designing

If you feel your smile need makeover, this will include either change in color, shape and size of teeth or gums or both.


You may include use of high qualityCeramic veneer in case to change the shape, size and colour of front teeth to look beautiful and enhancing smile.

Cosmetic gum surgeries

Gummy Smile (Gum Recontouring)

If too much part of your gums is visible (GUMMY SMILE) while smiling, you can consider the small surgical procedure (GUM RECONTOURING) to remove small part of your gums, small changes make a big difference in enhancing your smile.Sometime soft tissue graft is required to cover the exposed surface of teeth.

Gum Depigmentation: (Black to PINK gums)

If you feel colour of your Gums are Black or Brown, you are the candidate for Depigmentation. This will transform your Black colour gums in Pink in colour.

Black spaces between teeth:

Small Black spaces between your front teeth have negative effect on your looks and smile. Minor surgical procedure along with change in shape of teeth to hide these spaces and bring back the life for your smile.

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