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Scaling (Teeth Cleaning)

Scaling (Teeth Cleaning)

Scaling or teeth cleaning required to remove black stains, plaque & debris accumulating on the surface of teeth, Over a time it results in the hard-bacterial deposit named the CALCULUS or TARTAR, which is yellowish in colour. If you allow the plaque & calculus for the longer time, this results in the starting of the swollen & bleeding gum, and bad breadth, some time you can see the yellowish white colour pus discharge from the gum. This showing infection in gums and jawbone. Research evidences showing bacterial infection in gums can affect the overall body health.

Consider teeth cleaning every every 6 months for healthy gums and overall body health.

Scaling helps in -

  • Prevent Pyorrhoea,
  • Improve Oral Hygiene,
  • Strengthen Gums
  • Treat Bad Breath
  • Black Stains free Teeth.
  • Preventing Oro-systemic diseases
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